The Barber

Short Fiction

Project details

  • DIRECTOR:Melanie Aronson
  • PRODUCER:Basel Mawlawi, Kinana Films
  • STATUS:in festivals
  • CO-PRODUCERS:Film i Skåne & Solid Entertainment
  • WITH SUPPORT FROM:The Swedish Film Institute, FilmCentrum Syd, BoostHBG and the Southern Sweden Film Commission

Al-Hallak (The Barber) Short Fiction Film

Fadi, a Syrian barber who runs a make-shift salon in a refugee camp in Southern Sweden,  provides a neutral ear for the various ethnic and political groups residing in the hotel camp, awaiting decisions about their futures. Fadi’s customers reveal the struggles of every day immigrant life and the dynamics between various groups within the camp. When Fadi develops a relationship with a new client, he is forced to question his own values, which are already so often challenged by life in Sweden. Within seconds, Fadi must make a potentially life- altering decision that may alleviate the pain from his past but that may change is future forever.

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